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Euclid South CID Corporate Resolutions

Fiscal Year 2018-19
Resolution 2018-03: Contract with PCD
Resolution 2018-04: Bank Signatures
Resolution 2018-05: Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2017-18
Resolution 2018-01: Authorizing Bank Account Signators
Resolution 2018-02: Adopting Annual Budget
Fiscal Year 2016-17
Resolution 2016-02: Naming Representatives to IRS and DOR
Resolution 2016-01: Authorizing Bank Account Signators
Fiscal Year 2015-16
Resolution 2015-05: Naming Representative to IRS and DOR
Resolution 2015-04: Approving Loan from Park Central Development
Resolution 2015-03: Fiscal Year 2014-15 Annual Report
Fiscal Year 2014-15
Resolution 2015-02: Fiscal Year 2014-15 Audit
Resolution 2015-01: Establishing Bank Account
Resolution 2014-10: Electing CID Administrator
Resolution 2014-09: Sales Tax Holidays
Resolution 2014-08: Appointing District Counsel
Resolution 2014-07: Purchase of Insurance Policy
Resolution 2014-06: Fiscal Year 2014-15 Budget Adopted
Resolution 2014-05: Open Meetings and Records Policy
Resolution 2014-04: Authorization to Establish Accounts
Resolution 2014-03: Sales and Use Tax
Resolution 2014-02: Approving and Adopting By-Laws
Resolution 2014-01: Officers for FY 2014-15 Elected
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