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July: CBD Kratom

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Euclid Avenue is a mixed-use district that is extremely walkable and offers a unique range of amenities and attractions! Global cuisine, retail spaces, coffee houses, gyms and a diverse range of residential opportunities - Euclid has it all! For the month of July, we decided to sit down and chat with one local business owner who is bringing new ideas to the Euclid Avenue corridor. 

Meet the Owners

Dafna and her husband, David, are the co-owners of CBD Kratom, an independently owned CBD one-stop shop located in the Euclid South CID at 115 Euclid Avenue. The original goal when starting the business was to bring quality CBD to the Midwest. After visiting a multitude of trade shows and noticing trends from their other business, Mr. Nice Guy, Dafna and her husband saw an opportunity to open the first CBD Kratom in Chicago. This was quickly followed by more openings in Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, and Los Angeles. In March 2017, the first CBD Kratom opened in St. Louis in Tower Grove South. The location in the Euclid South CID soon followed, opening on February 14, 2019.

The Business

The idea for CBD Kratom came after Mr. Nice Guy, Dafna and David's other business, started carrying CBD. They noticed a different clientele of people interested in the CBD products. Generally, the people that visit CBD Kratom are ages 35 and up, as well as a huge customer base ages 60 and up. Dafna and David saw an opportunity to open in the Euclid South neighborhood because it was a chance to educate consumers on CBD and give 1-on-1 advice, compared to big retailers and online distributors that sell CBD products. When asked why they decided to open a CBD Kratom in the Euclid South CID, Dafna said, "It's very accessible to those in the city and to those in the county." Opening in the Central West End was an easy decision for Dafna and David, who have both previously lived in the neighborhood.

With locations in Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Los Angeles, and soon Houston, CBD Kratom has around 190 employees company-wide. CBD Kratom offers a range of CBD products, including tinctures, oils, topicals, edibles, cat and dog treats, hemp flour, and much more. In each CBD Kratom location, consistency plays a major factor in how Dafna and David like to run their business. CBD Kratom strives to create a cohesive brand, meaning each location's employees receive the same training and provide the same service and 1-on-1 approach. This training comes into play with many customers that stop by who are experiencing pain or ailments and need educated on products beneficial to them. This unique approach is what separates CBD Kratom from its competitors.

Community Impact

Since opening in the Euclid South CID, CBD Kratom has participated in community events in the Central West End and in other neighborhoods around St. Louis. Most recently, they had a booth at Pride Fest in downtown St. Louis where they had giveaways and prizes for participants. This past May, CBD Kratom also participated in Rosé Day in the Central West End and Cinco De Mayo street festival on Cherokee street. Be on the lookout for a CBD Kratom near you!

For more information about CBD Kratom, you can visit the website here or check them out on Instagram and Facebook @cbdkratomshops.

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