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August: Treats Unleashed

Euclid Avenue is a mixed-use district that is extremely walkable and offers a unique range of amenities and attractions! Global cuisine, retail spaces, coffee houses, gyms and a diverse range of residential opportunities - Euclid has it all! For the month of August, we decided to sit down and chat with one local business owner who is passionate about providing healthy and nutritious foods and 1-on-1 services to pets.

Meet the Owner

Teresa Miller is the Owner/Founder of Treats Unleashed, the natural place for pets. Treats Unleashed is located in the Euclid South CID at 22 N Euclid Avenue, but operates in 12 locations around Missouri. Since opening in the Central West End two years ago, Treats Unleashed has embraced the pet-friendly neighborhood and community-feel the area offers. When asked about the mission of the business, Teresa said, "Were focused on providing healthy products for your pets and 1-on-1 services".

The Business

When living on the east coast for 10 years, Teresa was feeding her pets healthy and nutritious foods. After moving back to St. Louis in 2001, she noticed that access to healthy pet food was very limited. Teresa combined her background in retail and her knowledge of animal nutrition and decided to start something small, which became Treats Unleashed. Now operating in 12 locations around Missouri, Treats Unleashed has seven employees at the Central West End location, and 115 employees company-wide. Treats Unleashed offers dog and cat grooming, self-serve washes, nail trimming, delivery services, pet food consultation, an assortment of pet supplies, and freshly baked treats and custom cakes for your pet's special day.

It doesn't stop there. Treats Unleashed has a fully-stocked food truck for pets, the Treat Waggin', which can be booked for pet-friendly events. When asked what sets Treats Unleashed apart from other pet supply retailers, Teresa said, "We have a real focus on nutrition and health. Also, our grooming is really low-stress, its 1-on-1, so you drop your dog off for groom, and you pick your dog up." She explained how this system creates a low-stress environment for the dog to be in and it is less time the dog has to spend away from its owner.

In the next 5 years, Teresa hopes to expand into more pet-friendly neighborhoods and continue to spread their message on the importance of healthy and nutritious food and treats for pets.

Community Impact

Every month, Treats Unleashed hosts pet-friendly events for its Central West End neighbors. They started off the summer by hosting a barbecue for pets and their owners where the pets could sample different foods and treats. In July, there was an ice cream social where the pups could enjoy a bowl of vanilla or peanut butter frozen yogurt and interact with other dogs in the neighborhood. Hosting these events has created an environment where pet owners can go to socialize their pets and meet people with similar interests. Coming up on August 17th, Treats Unleashed is having an end of summer sidewalk sale and sampling.

For more information about Treats Unleashed, visit their website here or check them out on Instagram and Facebook @treatsunleashed.

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