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August: Chick’n Cone

Euclid Avenue is a mixed-use district that is extremely walkable and offers a unique range of amenities and attractions! Global cuisine, retail spaces, coffee houses, gyms, and a diverse range of residential opportunities - Euclid has it all! For the month of August, we decided to sit down and chat with Matt and Deanna Halambeck, owners of Chick’nCone.

The Owners

Matt and Deanna are a married couple from Wisconsin and Oklahoma. They met in Houston at a restaurant and have been a team since. Since meeting, they have been in the restaurant business for over a decade. There was period when they both walked away from the industry but couldn’t stay away long. After losing his job, Matt asked his wife “What should we now do? She replied, “we should open a restaurant.” From there they sampled Chick’nCone and thought “this would be perfect in St. Louis!” 

The Business

Originally the idea behind Chick’nCone came from a couple of guys from Manhattan, NY. They came together and purchased a food truck that served chicken in a waffle cone. It quickly was a hit. Later, they developed a couple of pop-up markets that were highly successful. They had a buyer right away from Dubai, becoming the first franchise location. Currently, there are a total of 20 locations.   

Community Impact

In 2020, Matt and Deanna started the quest to open a Chick’nCone on Euclid. It took about 9 months to get opened due to the struggles with Covid-19 and supply chain shortages. They didn’t really want to open a drive-through as their first location and wanted to find a place that had heavy foot traffic. Euclid become the best location due to the proximity to colleges and the hospital. The items on the menu are amazing! Chick’nCone offers freshly made, hand-rolled waffle cones filled with delicious crispy chicken. They also offer savory chicken tenders, a chicken sandwich, and their new macaroni bowl packed with their famous chicken, french-fries, and creamy macaroni.  

For more information on Chick’nCone, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or visit their website

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